Adultwebcamworld Hardware Requirements
Computer/Operating SystemOperating Systems
All versions of Windows will work as long as the following REQUIREMENTS are met

Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP ~ Make sure that you have the most current Windows Updates and Service Packs that are available online. On NT versions, the user must be the ROOT user, or some features in the software will be unavailable to them, most notable are the Saved Password, Saved capture Device Settings and Headshot Uploading tools that are available. These features are not necessary, but can make the daily logging on routines quicker.

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser on windows systems.

Sorry No Linux or Macs.

Please be sure that you have the most current updates from the Windows Update center before continuing to install or UPDATE Adultwebcamworld software.

High Speed InternetHigh-Speed Internet
You must have a High Speed Internet Connection ( ADSL, DSL, CABLE )



High Speed InternetWebcams
In testing it has been noted that USB WebCams have been working just fine with the Adultwebcamworld software. However the quality is inferior to hand held camcorders in conjunction with recommended capture cards (see below)
High Speed InternetCamcorder
Majority of studios and models are using camcorders. Camcorders provide a clear high resolution image which translates to better quality for our members and more income for our models. Cameras with zoom remote control enable the models to allow members a closer look.Any cam corder will work, some examples are listed below if the camera is digital you can use the firewire input on the new software only. Otherwise you will need a video capture card.
High Speed InternetVideo
Capture Card
Currently the ONLY capture device that is 100% supported by our system is the Hauppauge Win TV Go capture card with a Video Camera source. You should be able to get it working with any capture card that you can find.
Dazzle PRO USB . Dazzle PCTV PRO USB connects to a Hi-Speed USB port, which ensures the highest quality transfer of videos onto your PC from any camcorder.
WARNING: Make sure you have a USB2.0 connection on your computer . If the capture device you have cannot support 16 - 24 Bit Bitmap capture or rendering and cannot support a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels then it then it will not work with our software.
The cheapest lighting you can find is available at your local hardward store.
There are 2 different ways you can set up lighting.

1.) Goto your local photography store and pick up 2 theatrical lights. One for fore ground and one for back ground. {$200 - 500 dollars}

2.) Get a 500 watt halogen for fore ground (reflected off wall is best) and a 150 or 250 watt halogen for background, for a room no smaller then 8x12 feet. {$10.00 -20.00 dollars}

Note: Be sure not to use natural light since the sun moves constantly and the quality will change. Also keep all lighting off camera, try not to have any sunbursts on screen.

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