All information described below is required to work as a model on Adultwebcamworld, These requirements are in accordance to the current "18 U.S.C. Section 2257 Law" as well as the "Child Protection Act". All original information provided is kept private and confidential locked in a bank vault.

Birth Name: Please type your first, middle, and last name you were given when born. Absolutely no initials. If you do not have a middle name please indicate "NA" in the space provided.

Requested Stage Name: This is the name you will request to use as your model name on our site. Try not to pick your real name or anything ethnic. The name can not be longer then 15 characters. Try not to use a typical name (e.g.. Sarah, Jane, Betty). These names are most likely taken. If you want a specific name click here to see if it is available. You MUST enter three variations of your requested models name just in case. No numbers or any symbols in the username please. NOTE: You can not change unless you redo the paperwork so be selective.
You may not use any name that is copywritten word in your models stage name.
For instance, a model may not be named Cinderella, or Barbie, etc.

You may not use the following words in models stage-name's.
Teen, Young, Kid, Lolita, or any other word referencing a model possibly being under the age of 18

Desired Password: Select a password that is easy for you to remember, your studio ID# will be added to the end. After you sign up your info will be sent in an e-mail confirming your model name and password.

Referred By: How did you find us? Did you find us through the net, news paper, friend?

Senders Name: Who is sending the paper work to us ,you, your friend, studio?

Instant Messenger/s: If you use a instant messaging service please add it here. This is the best way to contact us. Especially when you are having problems and need support ASAP.

E-mail Address: Please enter a valid e-mail address, so that accounting or management can contact you.

Phone Number: Please add a number we can use to contact you, and your time zone. (e.g. mountain, pacific) We will use this number to contact you if you do not go online.

Alternate Phone Number: If you have a cell number or other way to contact you please let us know, we will try the first option before trying alternate.

Home Address: Please enter current address. Do not enter a PO BOX it will be denied.

Work Address: Please enter the address of where you will be performing from. (e.g. home, studio, friends) Do not use a PO BOX it will be denied.

Mailing Address: IMPORTANT! Please enter exact mailing address you would like your funds mailed to. You are able to modify at a later date. PO BOX will be accepted.

Birth Date: Please enter models birth date.

Expiry Date: Please select the expiry date listed on your photo ID you are submitting. (Must be valid) If expiry date is listed on the reverse side of ID or other 1/2 of passport for example you will need to send that as well. (Be sure to scan the back and combine it with the scan of the front to create one image to submit for PHOTO ID lower on the form.)

Maiden Name: Enter your full birth name.

Married Name: Enter your full married name.

Nicknames: Please list any nicknames you may have used for any adult work.

Professional Name: If you are an adult actress, dancer, or content model with alternate stage names please list them here.

Alias: Any other names you may have worked under.

Identification Type: Please indicate the type of ID you are going to upload. (e.g.. Drivers License, Passport, ID card). Only government issued photo ID will be accepted.

Identification Number: Please enter the number on the ID you plan to submit.

Photo ID: You must have your ID scanned and saved on your computer, or saved on a disk. Select the browse button and find your photo ID. When you click the "Create 2257 & Waiver" button at the bottom of the page it will upload your ID etc. Your ID must be clear and legible. Be sure you can see the birth date, expiry date, and identification number before sending your ID. NOTE: Ontario residents and some foreign countries must be sure to scan the back if it contains the expiry date and combine it with the scan of the front to create one image to submit for PHOTO ID. We only accept government issued photo ID. Photographs of ID are NOT accepted.
Do not take a digital picture of your ID. It will be rejected!

Head shot: Your head shot must be an identifiable picture of your ENTIRE FACE from the shoulders up. No profiles, no toys, no nudity, no sunglasses and no facial profiles. If you do not have one you can use our software to take one before going online. *** Please make sure that you are NOT uploading your identification as either your head shot or your bio pic. If you upload your own make sure that it is 320 x 240 pixels.

Bio Picture: Please make sure that you are identifiable in your bio picture. It is ok to be nude, but please no toys. *** Please make sure that you are NOT uploading your identification as either your head shot or your bio pic. If you upload your own make sure that it is 320 x 240 pixels.

Payment Details: Models outside of Canada that wish to receive the funds every monday are advised to request as a payment solution. If you have a good relationship with your bank then the standard cheque via ground mail should be sufficient. The payment details are listed here PAYMENT INFO.