Owner Full Real Name: Type the name of the person that will be in complete control over the studio and all managers. Please no initials as we will compare the text to your photo ID.
Company Name: Create a name so that we may be able to identify you in coordination to the models you send to us. It does not have to be a registered company. "NA" will not be accepted. Eg "Contour_Models"
Manager Names: Please list all the managers that will be associated with your company. This disables trained managers to exclude you in the future and sign up directly to us.
Desired Password: This password will be in relation to your e-mail that we assign you. All model passwords should end with your studio ID number if possible.
Referred By: How did you come about our site? Maybe a web site or search engine a friend?
Senders Name: The name of the person sending documentation.
Instant Messenger(s): Enter other ways to contact you or members of your staff.
E-mail Address: Enter the e-mail/s that you wish to use to communicate with models.
Phone Number: Enter the phone number/s that you will use to communicate with models.
Fax Number: Enter the fax number/s that you will use to have models send you info.
Owner Home Address: Enter the address for the owner of the company.
Work Address: Enter the work address models will perform from. If you will not be providing a studio space for models to operate from, please enter the owners address.
Mail Address: Enter the address to where we will be sending the company cheque's or Epassporte payments too.
Birth Date of Owner: Enter the birth date of the owner of the company must be 18 or older.
Expiry Date of Owner ID: Enter the expiry date of the ID submit. If no expiry date then select the highest year listed.
Identification Type of Owner: Enter the type of ID you are going to be uploading for owner.
Identification Number of Owner: Enter the # on your ID that you will be submitting for owner.
Owner Photo ID: Upload government issued photo ID, no photographs will be accepted, scan only.
Manager ID: Upload the ID of all and any managers that will be associated with your company. This MUST be present to avoid the manager from resigning up with us directly.
Payment Options: The following link states the different options and methods of payment we offer. Payment Info