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Payment Options
We have 2 methods to pay models.
Cheque (Check) or Epassporte.
The default method of payment is by cheque.
Cut off for pay is Sunday 12 midnight pst. Pay Cheque's are issued weekly and mailed every Monday.
All payment inquires are to be directed to accounting@adultwebcamworld.com
Please be sure to contact accounting@adultwebcamworld.com before Sunday 12 midnight pst, if you wish to have funds sent other than by check. You must communicate ONLY through the e-mail address that was given to you upon initial set up.
Cheque (Check)
Funds under $50.00 US will be held and added on to the next weeks cheque.

All models address's MUST be confirmed by e-mail to accounting@adultwebcamworld.com from your adultwebcamworld.com e-mail address. This will insure that we have your correct mailing address and you
receive your checks promptly.
Our default method of sending funds is by ground mail. This may take 3 days - 6 weeks for your check to arrive depending on where you live. If you have not received it within this time period please contact us , so that we may put a hold on the funds in question and re-issue the check.
Models have the option to use Federal Express or UPS to pick up the check and deliver at a prescheduled requested time. (This is at the models cost, under his/her account.)

Note: Cancelled or returned cheques upon the request of the model to have a different method of pay is a $20.00 service fee for funds that have already been sent. If a cheque is lost in the mail we will re-issue at no charge to the model after a 8 week waiting period (Outside of US and Canada). Best bet is to get epassporte.com
We can pay models with a current Epassporte account.
A credit card is needed to create an Epassporte account.
If you do not have a credit card contact us to create an Epassporte account for you.
E-mail your request for Epassporte account set up to accounting@adultwebcamworld.com
There is a one time $40.00 usd charge for creating your Epassporte account. You will receive an Epassporte Visa Electron card. ( More info here on how the Visa Electron card works)
There will be a $5.00 usd charge each time your account is credited.
Funds that are sent with alternate online payment methods (Epassporte) and are under $100.00 usd will be held and added on to the next weeks payment.
Set up and first payment for new Epassporte accounts may take from two to six weeks. After initial set up your account will be credited weekly. You can access your account on line but will not be able to withdraw funds until you have received your Visa Electron card.

Other Payment Queries
Models that wish to receive funds to an alternate mailing address or alternate payee, must fill out and complete the remote payment form Click here.
We will require the alternate person's photo ID to be scanned and e-mailed prior to us sending the funds. All alternate options MUST be approved buy the accounting department.
The model must contact accounting@adultwebcamworld.com from her Adultwebcamworld.com e-mail account to confirm and make any arrangements prior to Sunday 12:00 am pst.

Regular method of pay is by check, ground mail. This is the ONLY method of pay we are obligated to use. All other options listed above are extra features provided AdultWebCamWorld. We do not guarantee services provided by Epassporte.
Not all remote studios offer our payment options, please contact your studio manager.
The model will be responsible for all fees incurred by alternate online payment methods.
All changes and requests must come from the Adultwebcamworld.com e-mail address you were assigned

Please be courteous and respectful when inquiring about funds that are due to you. Please allow the allotted time for the funds to get to you. If you change your mailing address please contact us with updated information.
(Models not in North America can expect payment in 1-6 weeks depending on the postal service in your area.)
We pride ourselves in paying models on time and are determined to get you every penny you have earned asap.
We thank you for your time and patience in advance.

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